Tuesday , September 26 2017
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KRS-One – Now Hear This

KRS-One brings to the table his Inspiration and intellectual mind in a form of an album called Now Hear This. He worked on this EP with his 23 year old son, DJ Predator Prime.

This is what KRS-One had to say in a recent interview about the album:

“We wanted to bring the sound of ’80s and ’90s hip-hop to today; a very sparse, kick-drum snare-drum, boom-bap kind of sound.”

“And then, of course, the lyrics are addressing the salient issues of my particular audience, who want to be inspired by music that empowers them, makes them think.”

Check out the Tracklist and Download KRS-One – Now Hear This


01. KRS-One – Now Hear This (Intro)
02. KRS-One – You Da Real (Interlude) feat. Peedo
03. KRS-One – Drugs Won
04. KRS-One – Duty
05. KRS-One – You A Millionaire
06. KRS-One – Sound Man
07. KRS-One – American Flag
08. KRS-One – This Is All We Got
09. KRS-One – Let’s Go
10. KRS-One – Invaders
11. KRS-One – Biterz
12. KRS-One – It’s All Insane To Me
13. KRS-One – Keep Talkin
14. KRS-One – The Lingo
15. KRS-One – From The Beginning Again
16. KRS-One – Name Brand Guy
17. KRS-One – More Love
18. KRS-One – G Simone – Oh Cruel Mob

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