Thursday , September 21 2017
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PSY – PSY The 7th Album

After 3 years of waiting, PSY drops a follow up to the album(PSY -6 Gap) that included the global hit, Gangnam style. He explained why it took so long before releasing the follow up to that album in a recent press conference in Seoul

Check out what PSY had to say below:

“It’s been too long, maybe it was pressure, maybe it was stress,”

“I kept thinking, ‘This won’t do as well as Gangnam (Style)… or if I changed it, ‘overseas fans wouldn’t understand this.’ With every line I wrote, there were voices fighting in my head, and it took a while to get them all sorted out.

Talking About the album he stated how versatile the content is.

“As always, the album includes many different genres,” he said. “The base is in dance music. There’s EDM (electronic dance music), trap, hip-hop, funk, medium-tempo… in the lyrics, I tried to include all of the emotions people feel going through life.”

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